Dripping hot – nude women covered in mud

In 2004 I experimented with nude women covered in mud for the first time. I was living in Austin Texas and did not have studio flashes yet, so I was shooting with hot lights. This is a nude where the mud is dripping down the woman’s body much like chocolate icing on ice cream. I really like the textural contrast between the mud and the smooth skin of the young woman.

 nude women covered in mud  - sundae girl

Five years later, I tried it again in Switzerland – this time using studio flash. I still wanted to achieve the “icing” effect you get by keeping some of the body bare. I was particularly pleased when the mud dripped in such a symmetric and interesting manner:

 nude women covered in mud  - dripping hot

We then proceeded to covering the entire body in mud and waited for it to dry. Once the mud started to dry it cracked as it could not keep up with the flexibility of the model’s skin. This resulted in a the following living sculpture:

PS: As much fun as it is, nude women covered in mud do not always look great. Especially the head is a difficult area to apply the mud to and still have it come out looking good (too often you end up with a zombie look – not exactly what I was after). By not covering the whole body you can avoid this issue. Also it is very important how the mud is applied as smearing it on with your hands can result in unwanted patterns. If possible, let the mud and gravity work for you.

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  1. George says:

    Nice way to express the nudity of the woman.

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