Mira Me and the Baobab Nudes

In 2009, I spent a short week in Prague in the Czech republic. I rented a studio and spent my time shooting fine art nudes with some models I had previously researched. I had planned too many shoots for the time I was there and I was so exhausted from shooting every day that I barely saw much of the city I had once lived in for 6 weeks. It was a great week though and I got some images that I still cherish years later. These images are all from my 2nd shooting there with Miss Kitten.

The image I named “mira me” is my favorite. The unusual angle and the model’s look combined draw the viewer in. In my opinion the model radiates with a seductive confidence which is why I called it “mira me” as she seems to want her observer to watch her and aproach her.

Mira Me



Criss Cross

I was inspired by the baobab trees of southern madagascar’s spiny forest, so I tried a nude figure study resembling baobab trees, or in short “the baobab nudes”:

Baobab Nude II

Baobab Nude

Pod - Baobab Nude

Pod II - Baobab Nude

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